How to organize the move

Folk saying aptly says that the move is two fires. If we continue the analogy, then every person who is faced with this task also wants to put out two “hotbeds” – to move both inexpensively and as quickly as possible. Today we’ll talk about the second part – how to facilitate the move and reduce the time spent on it.

This short article will share the many secrets and life hacks that have been accumulated over the course of three years by the Lucky All team and shared by our users.

A few simple steps will help you save not only time but also your precious nerves on moving:

In advance, take care of the necessary packaging: moving boxes, large, dense packages, trash bags. If you are unable to independently get them, be sure to tell the carrier that you need them. Boxes can easily be obtained at any grocery store near the house, asking the seller about this – most often they are simply thrown out onto the street, and so they will serve the cause.

Calculate in advance exactly how many boxes and packaging materials you need. Order twice as much!

Place your order for relocation at least a few days before the planned date. Then the team “Lucky All” will be able to find for you the maximum number of offers, and you will have time to discuss with the carriers all the nuances of transportation and achieve maximum savings.

Pack things wisely! You should not take too big boxes – then they will become absolutely very heavy and risk not sustaining the load. Also correctly combine things – wrap fragile items in a blanket, small items in shoes, etc.

Make a detailed list of things and find the strength to get rid of no longer needed or served their own. Before moving, sort the clothes according to the seasons and put the irrelevant things now in separate boxes. The same applies to other items (it is unlikely that you will need a sleigh anytime soon if you plan your move in July).

Mark in advance the colored adhesive paper of the room of the new apartment. For example, hang a pink paper on the front door of the kitchen. Then attach the paper of the same color on the box with kitchen utensils. Now movers can easily understand which rooms need to be taken to which boxes. We act like this with all the rooms: the bedroom is green, the living room is blue, the toilet is red and further to your liking.

Label, tag and re-label. It seems to be simple, but rarely anyone follows this advice. When preparing for the move, the time becomes disastrously short, everything falls out of the hands and from the head, so it is not surprising that in a week the contents of many boxes will be comparable to Pandora’s Box for you. Do a big favor to the future of yourself and write in advance on each box what we will carry: personal items, things, furniture parts, souvenirs, clothes.