First of all, you need to understand when to start preparing for the move and who will do all this

There are several options, and the choice is determined by many factors and circumstances. If you have physical strength, desire and a lot of time – you can do everything yourself. Difficult, difficult, but without the additional costs of attracting outside help.

The easiest, but also the most costly way – to invite professionals from a specialized company engaged in relocation. But in terms of costs, the method is not at all economical. These services are not cheap. But if you have to organize a move to another city with a lot of things, it is difficult to do without the full or partial participation of professionals.

There is another compromise option – take the help of friends, neighbors and relatives when loading and unloading things. But here we will have to partially spend money to compensate for the time and physical costs of their loved ones. In addition, you need to take care in advance that these volunteers (and you yourself) do not break, dragging heavy boxes and furniture on the floors, and purchase some of the special tools for carrying heavy loads and cargo.

You may need the simplest design of the belts. It is made of durable materials, and its size can be adjusted to different sizes (for bulky furniture, home appliances, piano). With the help of belts easier to carry things. And it will save the laminate and linoleum from damage and scratches when trying to move heavy objects around the apartment.