When moving scotch a lot does not happen.

Items are recommended to be packed in corrugated cardboard boxes. The optimal size of the boxes is 50 by 50 and 50 cm., The weight of the boxes prepared for relocation is approximately 20-30 kg., It is more convenient to lift, move and store them. Boxes for moving can be purchased at the post office or ask at the nearest small shop, because they do not know where to put them. Pharmacy kiosks are just a pantry of such packaging in almost perfect condition, and they will gladly give them to you. Packing items in boxes for relocation must be carefully and carefully, so that there is no free space for moving items inside the box, otherwise they can bump a friend about a friend and even beaten. It is desirable to lay objects with soft material for fixing them in a box, it can be linen, paralon, bubble wrap or something similar.

Fragile objects must be wrapped in such material without fail, otherwise their safety when moving can become very illusory. Each box must be signed and labeled in order to know where everything is and in what order to put this package.

This will help to keep things when loading – unloading when moving and transporting, since fragile things can not be put down and moreover put on them heavier items. At the end of the move, if you don’t know where that is, then the process of opening many boxes in search of the right things is inevitable and, therefore, extremely uncomfortable conditions for establishing order among the mountains of things and objects. Do you need it? It’s easier to spend a few extra minutes on the label.

All boxes should be taped to avoid spilling items and objects when moving.
Do not try to fill the boxes all the way, giving them the shape of a ball or a ball for football, this is harmful for many reasons: firstly, the weight of the box increases dramatically, which is extremely inconvenient, the box deforms, its strength decreases – it means you cannot put other objects and boxes on it. The box may simply burst due to internal stresses, in addition, the volume is lost, since voids are formed between the boxes in the back of the car when it is moved (shipped), moreover the boxes become unstable.