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The washing machine must be disconnected from the electrical and water networks, drained water, especially from filters, and it is advisable to let it dry out, since during loading work, at an apartment level, the remaining water inside the water may flow. If you still have fixing fasteners, be sure to use it to fix the motor and drum. In the absence of it, use soft wire or string to fix. Otherwise, serious breakdowns may occur during a room crossing due to strong dynamic loads, since many roads resemble the direction, as well as cross-country speed bumps, check-in and the exit from the curbs.

How to transport the refrigerator? Refrigerators and freezers require no less thorough preparation. It is necessary to fasten the compressor with special bolts in order to avoid sudden shock loads that could damage the refrigerant piping and cause the refrigeration unit to depressurize. In the absence of factory fasteners, it is necessary to securely fasten the compressor with ancillary devices in the form of stranded copper wire or strong nylon twine. In order to avoid failure of the device during transportation when moving and being transported by car Goby and gazelle.

Household and office equipment packaging
As for TVs and other high-precision, expensive household appliances, they must be packaged in the original factory packaging. If that has not been preserved, it is necessary to close the screens of televisions and monitors with a soft damping material made from polyvinyl chloride or bubble film, it is possible to use in this quality also matter (a blanket or something similar). Secure all this with tape to fix on the device.